“Healing wound is a video montage and animation of the process and the journey my skin went through trying to close up a huge sore. When the injury first happened I wasn’t in pain I just remember feeling existential when I was forced to looking into my leg. Like wow this is what I’m make up of?! And even more intrigued when I had to nurse it back to health. Everyday witnessing my body change. And it wasn’t linear, it got infected and re opened, and I realized how intentional we can be about that healing process. It really was a certain mindfulness. I really enjoyed it.”

    - Nana Nyahan

This piece was exhibited in the group show, “Canon!” by Hymodernity and Freize at no.9 Cork Street, London, 2021.




Nana Nyahan Tachie-Menson is a multi faceted artist that explores existential crises, fantasy and dreams through play,  utilizing scultpture and spatial interventions. She explores but is not limited to, video, sound, animation, photography, painting and ceramics.